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Shear Wall Myths--Share your favorites about wood shear walls

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I am looking for as many myths and common errors made by builders (or engineers!) regarding plywood/OSB shear walls.   I will be making a presentation on shear walls to the local Contractors Assoc. in February 2001, and would like to dispell as many myths as possible.
My favorite MYTH:    The only part of a plywood panel that does any good is shaped like a "Z", and you can cut away the rest of the panel without affecting its strength.   Sort of  a let-in brace hidden within the panel....(This was supposedly promulgated by a Building Ispector....)
Or the response when I called the contractor because he had cut a 4" high by 16" wide foundation vent through a 4-foot wide shear wall:  "But its only a LITTLE   BIT  of plywood that's missing!"
My favorite ERROR:   Simpson PHD8's attached both sides of a cripple post in the crawlspace, with NO  ties extending to the end-post of the shear wall above.
Or shear panels nail like crazy at the end of a wall section, but the post with the hold-down is 8 inches back from the end and has nailing at 12"--
Etc....   I'm sure your results will be really depressing, but at least amusing!
Thor Matteson,  SE