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comm#780--Re: Beam Reinforcement using Bolts

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The idea you describe is the most practical for minor reinforcement, and
about the only reasonable way to reinforce a beam in negative moment
regions.  For positive moment regions requiring large span increases (for
example, when we need to remove a column), we usually end up welding a split
T section to the bottom flange, but that doesn't do much for your situation
(unless you butt the flanges of the T's to each side of the carrying girder
or column and weld everything).  If you can't get enough strength or
stiffness (stiffness would be my first concern with a long cantilever) with
the 10 inch channel nested in the 12 inch beam, then slide 10 inch WF beams
in between the 12 inch beams and block them up.  You are right-you need to
brace the negative moment region.  This is especially important with a beam
as slender as the one you describe.

By the way, are the header you'll install, and the dead load its attached
to, sufficient to resist the cantilever moment?  Just a thought.

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