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Plywood shear walls

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I am currently looking at improving and existing wood framed structure by adding plywood to existing shear walls to strengthen them (the hold-downs, foundations and anchor bolts are all OK).  The walls currently have plywood on one side only and I have suggested that a layer of plywood be added to the other side.  However, the owner does not want to remove the exterior finishes (where the existing plywood occurs on the interior face of the wall) to place a new plywood layer.  They want to know if a second layer of plywood could just be added over the existing interior layer (after the interior finishes have been removed of course).  Does anybody know of any published information as to how much strength may be gained by adding a second layer on the same side as the existing layer of plywood.  I don't think that it can be taken as double the value for one layer unless you nail the hell out of it, and if you add too many nails the framing members will likely split.  Any input from someone who has attempted this type of retrofit would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance;
Russell Berkowitz
Forell / Elsesser Engineers, Inc.