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Re: Corosion-Damaged Brick Wall

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P. Rajendran suggested XYPEX as a sealant that has been on cracks in
concrete.  I didn't research that product, because the roofing material I
proposed seemed to be an inexpensive material with which the contractor was
familiar.  I'm still researching alternative  repair schemes (alternative to
the epoxy injection system I described) for filling the internal wall
separation with a structural material.  I've gained time for that because
we've closed the roof, and covered the top of the wall, and will resume the
project when dry weather returns. Are you dealing with a similar problem?
How are you handling it?

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Date: Wednesday, November 08, 2000 5:32 AM
Subject: Corosion-Damaged Brick Wall

>Has anyone any further suggestions about good materials
>to seal joints in preparation for epoxy injection after
>Nels Roseldund suggestions of 9/21/00?