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Shearwall sill plate

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Hello everyone,
I have a wood framed commercial building where the contractor installed 2x sill plates instead of the 3x plates specified on the drawings.
The walls are 10d at 4" with Va < 510 plf.   Unfortunately this comprises over 150 feet of wall (shearwall lengths, not framed wall lengths).
My understanding of the 1997 code requirement for 3x plates is to prevent splitting at the bolts.  This would appear to be supported by the provision for 2x plates if 50% bolt values are used.
I do not want them drilling additional bolts, there is a drilled pier and grade beam foundation and they will be hitting steel everywhere.
Is it plausible to allow additional 2x blocking to be installed between the studs for a net thickness of 3" ?  The blocking would be nailed to the sill plate for continuity.
Has anyone encountered this before?  If so how did you solve the problem?
Thank you in advance
Paul Feather