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RE: Epoxy Grout for Rock Anchors

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I suggest that you look into using Dywidag Threadbar Resin Rock Bolts. They
use polyester resin cartridges and are commonly used in tunnels. Their
catalog states that the resin "is unaffected by fresh water, salt water,
mild alkalies and mild acids". But I don't know if you can use epoxy coated
bars. Note that epoxy coating reduces or eliminates bond between the bar and
the grout and relies on the deformations for load transfer. 

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> Subject: Epoxy Grout for Rock Anchors
> I have a project in which I am utilizing grouted rock anchors 
> to resist uplift
> forces. Depth of vertical anchors is 15 feet. Anchors will be epoxy
> coated rebar. The three inch drilled holes will likely have 
> up to 10 feet of
> groundwater in them.
> I am searching for an epoxy grout product that is insensitive to the
> presence of water and will cure in 5 degrees Celsius (40 degrees F)
> conditions. I have talked to a couple of suppliers, but they are wary
> about the wet conditions. Any recommendations?
> To avoid standing water in the hole, we may run a sleeve down 
> the hole,
> pump the water out and tremie the grout in as we pull the 
> sleeve out. But
> we still have to deal with wet, cold conditions for the grout.
> Your suggestions welcome.
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