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RE: Redundancy factor 1.0 for single story wood framed?

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There was a code change proposal to the IBC by SEAOC, that was approved last
April. It added the following at the end of the definition of r(max) for
shear walls:

"...In light-frame construction the value of the ratio of 10/L(w) need not
be greater than 1.0."

What this change does, is to eliminate any penalty for having a shear wall
that is shorter than 10 feet when calculating the value of  Rho. This is a
great help in wood light frame construction where many walls are normally
less than 10 feet. 

However, since we are not going to adopt the IBC, something needs to get
done in the interim about the Rho factor in light frame buildings. One
possibility is to work with the state agencies (such as HCD) to see if they
would be willing to add this to their list of amendments to the state code,
when the 97 UBC goes through the re-adoption process next year. Individual
persons or groups can also submit code change proposals to the Building
Standards Commission, but I don't think there is any precedent on getting
anything amended to the CBC through that channel. The dead line for
submitting proposals to the BSC is January 3, 2001. 

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA


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	Subject:	Redundancy factor 1.0 for single story wood framed?

	I thought I had read on this list that there was an
	official proposal or some kind of document put out by
	SEAOC that was recommending a change in the code to
	allow the use of Rho to be 1.0 for one story wood
	framed structures (or was it just residential

	I have reviewed the archives of the "list", and have
	found there has been a lot of discussion on the matter,
	but I could not find the document I was looking for.

	Is there any kind of a document circulating that is
	proposing that Rho can be 1.0 for all one and two story
	light wood framed structures?