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RE: construction Drawings

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How do you feel about the Drafting Techniques displace by the CAD drafters
in your office?

unhappy would be an extreme understatement

How do you feel about the final drafted plans or the number of times you end
up red-marking drafting mistakes?

i think the final plans would look better if the draftsman had to answer the
phone calls regarding the mistakes.  if you can arrange for them to take the
call, by all means do so.

if you have a basic understanding of a drafting program, you will probably
be better off drawing some of the more complicated drawings yourself - it
saves me lots of time.

As for myself, My department have room for improvement.

i think this is common...

 Most importantly,
What is the best way to try make the 
drafters understand the importance of good drafting techniques or learn such

this is a deeper problem than it appears.  it is not so much a problem of
technique as it is a problem of no pride in work.  if you can fix the pride
of work problem, the rest will flow naturally. (good luck)

  I always appreciated a senior drafter, now more than ever.

they are worth more than gold...

david adie