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>>Tubes (TS) and Pipes now have a new name.  Many people are not yet aware
of this industry change. <<
Not really.  Pipe and Round HSS are fabricated under different ASTM.  If you specify A53, Grade B, then the proper designation would be STD, x-strong or xx-strong, e.g., Pipe 6 Std.  However if you are specifying A500 grade B Round HSS, you should be calling out HSS e.g., HSS6.000x0.250.  (Ref: Lanny Flynn, AISC and Are "You Properly Specifying Materials?" by Charles J. Carter, Modern Steel Design, January 1999.)
One big difference between A500, Round HSS section and A53 Pipes is the yield strength.  A500, Round HSS has yield strength of 42 ksi where as A53 Pipe has yield strength of 35 ksi. This can make a big difference in SCBF connection design as the connection design is based on strength of a member.