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RE: construction Drawings

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	David Fisher wrote: 
> Consequently, my entire staff is capable of doing a complete project,
> It produces a much better product in the end and your young engineers
> learn
> much more about how things are built (after they've drawn some details,
> laugh)
> Its the only way to fly!
	I couldn't not agree more with statement. As someone who does 90% of
all the drafting on my own projects, it not only saves time, but produces a
better product. Why should I waste time sketching up a detail or plan in
pencil and hand it off to a drafter who will take twice as long as me to do

	This system works provided that you have a good CAD standard and
engineers who know all the nuances of CAD. There are 25 different ways to
accomplish the same goal in CAD, figuring what works most efficiently is the

	Too often with CAD, the art of drafting has faded away. There is no
valid reason that some simple drafting techniques cannot be used today. Why
can't drafters make their arrow lines parallel to one another, justify the
text, break lines that cross over text, and get the all important
lineweights correct? People don't even work from right to left anymore, now
I have to roll the drawings all the way out to the binding to find important
notes when they could have been placed on the other side of the sheet were
they would be readily visible. 

	It's the little things that separate the garbage from the great.