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RE: Redundancy factor 1.0 for single story wood framed?

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4/lw? Where did THAT come from? Where have I been?

According to Dick Phillips, alledgedly the author of "10/lw", it was NEVER
intended to be a penalty for short shear walls, but an "aid" to long shear
walls. Doesn't anyone care WHY things are in the Code anymore? The intent of
"10/lw" was to remove the penalty on those long shear walls by considering
them to be a collection of shear walls with a length of 10 ft each.

Based on this, the concept that "10/lw" is NOT a penalty for short shear
walls should apply to more structures than merely one story wood framed
buildings. IMO, the code should read, wherever referencing "10/lw" to

Even though the IBC 2000 is not being adopted, don't plan check officials
have a copy on their shelves and/or don't they follow comments on this list
and position statements presented by SEAOC? Anyone going to ask why this
feature was adopted into the IBC 2000?

If not, maybe SEAOC can prepare a position paper like they have done on a
couple of other issues. These have been very helpful considering there are
no off year corrections to the 1997 UBC.


Bill Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)

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Subject: Re: Redundancy factor 1.0 for single story wood framed?

Thanks, but I think Ben answered my question for me.
It was that the 10/lw was changed to 4/lw for wood

Paul Feather wrote:
> Lynn,
> The only proposal I am aware of is that 10/lw should not exceed 1.0 for
> shear walls, I can look up the paper later if you would like.
> I am not aware of any limitation on Rho
> Paul Feather
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> Subject: Redundancy factor 1.0 for single story wood framed?
> > I thought I had read on this list that there was an
> > official proposal or some kind of document put out by
> > SEAOC that was recommending a change in the code to
> > allow the use of Rho to be 1.0 for one story wood
> > framed structures (or was it just residential
> > structures?).
> >
> > I have reviewed the archives of the "list", and have
> > found there has been a lot of discussion on the matter,
> > but I could not find the document I was looking for.
> >
> > Is there any kind of a document circulating that is
> > proposing that Rho can be 1.0 for all one and two story
> > light wood framed structures?
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Lynn
> >
> >