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Re: construction Drawings

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In my office, we use several effective methods (but not foolproof) of 
increasing drafting quality. My favorite is to get drafters more interested 
in what they are doing. An example is to get your drafter out of the office 
occasionally and let them see a job under construction -- particularly one 
they drafted. This will help them have pride in their work and help see how 
critical some details can be. 

As far as on the job techniques, we have an in house rule that all redlines 
must be individually marked off by the drafter prior to getting it back to 
the engineer. This does help cut down the amount of double pick-ups. This is 
not always implemented because engineers tend to just re-redline plans rather 
that have drafting make sure that everything has been picked up. Bottom line 
though is that it is up to the engineer to make sure that all redlines have 
been picked up.

One downside to the engineers learning drafting is efficiency. This would be 
ideal for minor pickups, but knowing most engineers, we would do a lot more 
drafting than is economically feasible. Most of us charge more for 
engineering time than drafting time (I hope)

Richard Dahlmann, P.E.