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RE: construction Drawings

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I agree that plans should be more "static" but past experience has taught
me otherwise.  In this day and age of "fast-track" projects, many aspects
of the plans can change.  I have worked on projects where I have had to
"adjust" framing for "core" areas (where elevators and mechanical shafts
are located) three or four times.  Any project that is architecturally
intensive involves an excellent chance of requiring multiple changes to
the framing plans.

My ultimate point is that there is a lot of little "tick-tack" stuff that
does not need to waste the time of an engineer that is likely being paid
more than a drafter.


On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Khosrownia, Ghassem SPK wrote:

> the time you find the drafter and show him/her the changes and
> red-mark it for them you would have already been done doing it yourself. My
> experience has been that in general plan drawings are more static than
> detail drawings. Once the plans are established and the most suitable layout
> is chosen then it is mostly details.
> Ghassem.