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Re: seaint Digest for 9 Nov 2000

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You are absolutely right about not leting the architect draft for you.  It always ends up consuming MORE of YOUR time than having it done in your own

However, I have a problem with doing all the draftng myself (I do some).  Although the draftsman spends two days saving me one, I am charged at about five
times his rate.  So his two days are well spent.  I do not know the charge rates at your place, but if they are using people like you to spend time on
drafting, there must be something wrong with the system.

S A Masroor
Consulting Structural Engineer
Karachi, Pakistan

> On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Roger Turk wrote:
> >> Well said!

> >

> > In the days of hand calcs and drafting, the engineer made a "sketch" of the
> > detail and gave it to the drafter (or the drafter was given a set of plans
> > for a similar project).  If, as in many cases, the "sketch" was drawn to
> > scale with the applicable notes and dimensions shown, the drafter oftentimes
> > just traced the detail and neatly lettered the dimensions and notes.  The
> > engineer actually did the drafting and the drafter transferred the
> > information to the plans.
> >
> > With CAD, the engineer can just turn to his/her computer, instead of pulling
> > out a piece of paper, and draw the detail, complete with neatly lettered
> > dimensions, symbols, and descriptive notes.  No need to have it traced or
> > redrawn.  Since plans are nothing more than a compilation of various details,
> > all that remains is to insert the various elements on the appropriate sheets.
> >
> > When an architect suggests that they do the drafting, I explain to them that
> > I have to do the same amount of work producing drawings that they can
> > incorporate on their plans as I would in doing the structural sheets.  With
> > that, they generally see that it is not going to save them any money.  A side
> > benefit is that I now have record prints or plots showing what I produced in
> > case anything is modified.
> >
> > A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
> > Tucson, Arizona
> >