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RE: QUERY: HSS Connections Manual Erratum?

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I agree with you. We need to use Fy=46 ksi for this equation. This is the
equation for checking the HSS wall crippling. (Refer to equation 8.3-2 of
the manual, pg 12 on spec section).

Also refer to the Example 7-1 (pg 7-6), the calculation of HSS wall
crippling is correct in this example, i.e. Fy=46 ksi.



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Subject: QUERY: HSS Connections Manual Erratum?

HELP, my head is fuzzy from staying up until 2:00 PM local time to watch the
election returns.

Someone please check me, here:

On page 5-17 of the HSS Connections Manual (the 1997 "Black Book") at the
bottom of the page is an example of a calculation to check wall crippling
for a
cap plate connection to a W18 section.

At the end of the equation being calculated, they seem to use Fy of the W
section (in this example it is 36 ksi) rather than Fy of the HSS (which
would be
46 ksi). Is this a misprint, or am I missing something?

Hope Charlie or Harold or someone of equal genius with steel design can
this out for me.