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RE: welding nuts

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Huck International Incorporated makes a product called "TBB", twist-off
blind bolts for direct one to one substitution for A325 bolts.  There was an
article on them in the February, 1994 issue of Modern Steel Construction.  I
have also seen them advertised in that publication, but I could not find an
ad when I looked for one.  I don't have an address for them.  They can be
installed without having access to the inside of the HSS section.

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Our detailers want to weld nuts to the inside of some
tubes - sorry rectangular HSS - for bolting moment
connection plates.  They tell me that they can't field
weld  plates to the top and bottom because of a wall
being right next to the beam (I'm not sure whether I
buy this yet).  I have gotten the impression that
welding nuts is not a good idea.  Is there anything
written on this - or is it just not covered by the

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