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RE: Enercalc-Pole Embedment in Soil

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The UBC formula can be reworked mathematically into
a formula with terms dependant on shear and moment
separately.  This allows for calculation of lateral
bearing pressure for pin connection or moment connection 
without shear.

Mark Pemberton, P.E.

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It is not the depth of the pier that is important but the relative stiffness

of the pier to soil (or rock).  The simplest treatment I've seen for
this is a 1957 ASCE paper by E. Czerniak.  This paper treats short piers 
(defined as having a Length to diameter ratio of 10 or less) as rigid.  It
a more rational formula than the Outdoor Advertising Sign group that 
developed the UBC formula.  It will treat any combination of Shear and 
moment.  This allows treatment of piers fixed or pinned.  The UBC formula is

really limited to a pole loaded at the top.
Bill Cain SE
Albany CA