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RE: welding nuts

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Title: RE: welding nuts


Harold Sprague posted something on this previously (and somewhat recently). It's probably in the archives at

One question: if there is access to weld nuts to the inside of the HSS, why not just place them by hand in the field (i.e., what would welding them in place accomplish?)? Maybe I'm missing something. If there is no such access, consider using a blind bolt as another respondent suggested.


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Subject: welding nuts

Our detailers want to weld nuts to the inside of some
tubes - sorry rectangular HSS - for bolting moment
connection plates.  They tell me that they can't field
weld  plates to the top and bottom because of a wall
being right next to the beam (I'm not sure whether I
buy this yet).  I have gotten the impression that
welding nuts is not a good idea.  Is there anything
written on this - or is it just not covered by the

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