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RE: Building Architectural Examination

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Title: RE: Building Architectural Examination


I believe that he was referring to the new Building Architectural Engineering (BAE) Exam.  The following excerpt from my 09/20/00 post should answer his question:

"The BAE Exam is currently being developed by NCEES, and is on schedule to be given for the first time in the Spring of 2002.  The sponsoring organization for this exam is AEI (ASCE's Architectural Engineering Institute).  This is an eight hour  "Principles & Practice" exam.  It is anticipated that it will become the preferred exam for all AE graduates, who currently must choose between the CE, ME, EE, or SE-I exams."

It is up to each state to determine if they will give this exam when it becomes available.  Although California certainly produces some fine AE graduates, I unable to guess what the PE Board in CA might decide.


Stan Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas

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Are you asking about the Architectural Engineering Exam or the
Building Design section of the Architectural Record Exam?

Ralph Benson
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Hi everybody,
I had a request for information about the Building
Architectural examination. Does anybody have any
information about this exam and specifically if it is
going to be offered in California by NCEES?

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