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I believe that the "procedure" is that you can use
"pre-qualified"/accepted steel moment connections that are outlined in the
SAC/FEMA documents without further testing.  If you deviate significantly
from the those pre-qualified joint types, then further testing would be
required prior to the approved use of that non-pre-qualified joint detail.


On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Kevin Lacey wrote:

> I am trying to find out about the current procedures used by code officials in California and other western states concerning approval of the moment resisting frames and their connections for use in new construction. I understand that The SAC Steel Project funded by FEMA has done testing on connection assemblies and has information available on-line. My question is if you are going to propose the use of a moment resisting frame as the lateral system of a building, what is the procedure used to get the connections approved by the code official. Is testing done on every project? Is the connection test data that is available used to validate proposed connection designs? Any information on this subject would be helpful.
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