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RE: Welding Run-Off Tabs...

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Title: RE: Welding Run-Off Tabs...

Reading the language in AWS D1.1 - 2000 Section, it seems to me that Sample 3 is equivalent to 1000 micro inches. There may not be an exact correlation, since the micro-inch number comes from ASME B46.1 and the sample number comes from AWS C4.1 (that widget to which you referred). However, the AWS requirements are the same for each, so they must be close enough to call equivalent.


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Subject: Welding Run-Off Tabs...

The new FEMA 353 Document requires that weld run-off tabs be removed(from
outboard of a beam flange for instance), and that the surface be finished to
500 micro inches.  AWS D1.1 requires that these surface types meet their
"SAMPLE 3" finish where;
Sample 4 = smoothest
Sample 1 = roughest

The steel fabricator has sent to my attention a "widget" from AWS that shows
examples of each roughness (SAMPLE 1-4).  The steel fabricator has told me
that they are finishing all of the surfaces from which weld run-off tabs
have been removed to "SAMPLE 3".

Can anyone help me bridge the gap between "SAMPLE 3" and 500 micro inches?
I expect that at some level "SAMPLE 3" has to be objectively defined(500
micro inches or something along those lines).

Thank you for you help,
Ben Faircloth

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