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RE: A structural engineering journal

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Dear colleagues,

I would agree that some articles published in ASCE journal are not of
immediate use to all level of practicing engineers, but majority of them
must provide a greater insight and understanding about actual behavior of
structures versus our predictions using code formula, analyses,  design
assumptions. Let us distinguish between pure science and applied research.

Every year, millions of dollars are spent on applied research, to
investigate the very problems that our engineers have faced in practice, and
to find viable and practical solutions to these problems.

We do observe collapse of bridges and buildings, concrete cracking, steel
connection failure, why? Not necessarily because of the engineer?s
incompetence, material defect, or poor construction but because of the
distance between numbers and reality that we can only measure through
applied research and testing.

We know that time and resources in design offices would not always allow
thorough investigations into every problem and verifying design assumptions
in various aspects of a project. That is why a more extensive research is
needed where the needs are justified. Obviously, the research findings must
be available to engineers in the form of journal articles; Not to bring name
and fame to the authors but to make sure that practicing engineers are aware
of research and can provide their valuable views.

I hope we all recognize that even the very fundamental and simple formula
for stress analysis used by engineers today were developed by mathematicians
and scientists in late 1800 and earlier this century.  Successful evolution
of our design codes and practice has been a result of collaboration between
knowledgeable practicing engineers and diligent researchers. Let us continue
this collaboration.

I do not know about all researchers but I, for one, would be grateful to
consider opinions from practicing engineers, to achieve a complete,
practical and useful research project, and look forward to working with you
in delivering sound and quality engineering projects.


Majid Sarraf
National Bridge Research Organization
University of Nebraska

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I believe that the ASCE Structural Journal has for at least 25 yrs. been
almost entirely a vehicle for
PhDs and academics to get published. It is of almost no value to us
practicing engineers. It would be a welcome change to have say half of
the Journal contain articles of use to us..

Stan Scholl, P. E., FASCE
Laguna Beach, CA
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