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Re: Shear studs

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I recenly had an experience where the fabricator installed quite a few studs
using a stud gun.  When we remove ferrules we found some studs were not securely
welded.  I instructed 15 degree bend test.  The result was that quite a few of
the studs failed.  Right now he is phyiscally rewelding them.

I think you should remove any material that does not belong there, inspect the
weld and do test on stud where flash is missing.  Make correction if ncessary
then cast concrete.  That is your best bet.

If you are interested, I can email an article on stud inspection.

Bob Shaw wrote:

> AWS D1.1:2000, Section 7.4.6 -Arc Shield Removal. After welding, arc shields
> shall be broken free from studs to be embedded in concrete, and, where
> practical, from all other studs.
> I would assume the ferrule would affect the behavior of the cone beneath the
> head of the stud, but can't cite testing.
> Bob Shaw
> Steel Structures Technology Center
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> Subject: Shear studs
> Welded shear studs are a commonly used in composite construction.  During
> installation ceramic ferrules are used for application and reamain after the
> stud is placed.  Is it required that these ferrules need to be removed prior
> to pouring the concrete?  What affect does the ferrule have on the
> performance if left in place?
> William Pulyer PE
> Charlotte, NC