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QUESTION: Effective Length For Angle In Tension AND Compression

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Another of my quirky questions:

If you have an angle acting as a shear collector for a roof diaphragm, and which
is attached to a masonry (or concrete) shearwall at intervals, theoretically the
internal force in length of angle between the connectors goes from tension to
compression as you go from one connector to the next.

What is the effective length of the angle for computing compression then? Is it
the full length from connector to connector, or is it the length from the point
of zero internal force to the "compression side" connector (Effectively,
one-half of the length)?

I know this should seem obvious, but my mind is balking at it. To me, this might
be analogous to saying that a uniformly loaded beam continuous over supports can
be considered laterally-braced at the point(s) of inflection.