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RE: QUESTION: Effective Length For Angle In Tension AND Compressi on

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Title: RE: QUESTION: Effective Length For Angle In Tension AND Compression

This is similar to axial forces in a stair stringer.  What do you use for effective length of a stringer.  I am guessing at this but, it would seem to me that you need not worry about effective length in a tension section.  Therefore, how do you model the point where the tension and compression are zero.  That point cannot really be modeled as a completely rigid connection or a completely pinned connection.  I would probably model it as a connection that allows lateral translation but no rotation.  Then if you use a pinned connection at the point of greatest compression, you would have a theoretical k-value of 2, which would basically put you back at using the full length as the effective length.  Does this make any sense?  I'm not sure - I wrestle with this myself.