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Re: A structural engineering journal

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Roger Turk wrote:

> Concrete:
> Expand on Raucher's(sp?) (Texas Transportation Institute) research on
> tendons in post-tensioned concrete and debunk the myth that distribution
> tendons is not relevant in P/T slab construction.

Hello Roger,

Could you expand on this?  I design a lot of P/T flat plates, and all the
research I have read indicates that testing has shown banded and distributed
cable systems to be highly efficient and effective, particularly with
adequate bonded reinforcement.  (T.Y. Lin, R. Hemakon, and N.H. Burns)  This
is the recommended procedure according to the PTI.  Seismic evaluation of
existing structures after Loma Prieta indicated excellent performance of
flat plate systems (I cannot quote the study right now, but there is a
published report available from the PTI).

Paul Feather