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RE: Shelter Promotion

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I normally deal with spam by reporting it to the ISP who hosts the offender.
It takes a bit of Internet know-how, but one can extract the provider's
identification from the message headers.  I then send a complaint to the
host ISP's postmaster or abuse e-mail addresses.  Sending unsolicited
commercial e-mail and other mass mailings is typically against the terms of
service most ISP's, and most will at learn warn the offending user, and may
even terminate their access.

Gary Ehrlich

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Sent: Friday, November 17, 2000 11:40 AM
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Subject: Shelter Promotion

Shafat (or whoever runs things now)

I received spam from Shelter Promotion for a new structural journal.  It
would appear that they got my email address by mining addresses from the
list (I do not recall posting anything to the list that could reasonably be
considered solicitation of this type of advertisement so I assume that it
was a mass mailing).  I believe that this is considered very bad form, as
we do not want spam to kill the list.

I was wondering what mechanisms are in place (other that inciting everyone
to flame the responsible party or calling for a boycott the offending
product- which is very tempting), for dealing with this?

Stanley P Johnson, PE