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Re: A structural engineering journal

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If I can get my 2 cents in.

Having works on both sides of this fence, its obvious that there is a disconnect between academic research and practicing engineers.  Complicating that is the need for each group to make a living, consequently each side pays attention to where the money is, not where the problems are.  If practicing engineers want academics to pay more attention to them, then they will have to cough up some money.

But there may be a way around the money problem.  The goal is to fins a way of letting funding sources know where to invest their money.  Perhaps the practicing community could identify those areas in the field where more research is needed and why?  Online voting could be done to help identify priorities.  I'm sure there are other things that could be done.

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"Raghu S. Pendyala" wrote:
> It is as if the ASCE journal is only for Ph.D and academics. May be they are
> the ones who are sending articles to get published. Have practicing
> engineers been sending articles of interest to all other engineers. If you
> are a member of ASCE, you make the journal work for you.

No, that's not correct.

The only people who're going to get published in journals like this are those
who're doing applied research. Almost the ONLY people doing applied research
(and getting paid for it) are academics. Ergo, only academics are going to
appear in these journals.

True, you will sometimes see a co-author in the by-line who is NOT an academic,
but if you look closely you'll realize it's almost always a graduate student of
the main author, who has since graduated and gone to work for other than the
academic institution.

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