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I have a problem I hope some one can advise.

Our client is planning to build a 4-storey hotel resort on a site contaminated with petrochemicals.  The client intends to use the Mobile Injection Treatment Unit(MITU) technology to remediate the soil in-situ, with the view to reuse the treated soil as fill under a raft foundation.  The soil is basically fine to coarse sand for about 9 metres in depth with some silt and peat.  At 9 metres we have
rock.  The contaminated soil is two metres thick from existing grade and the water table is about 1 metre below grade.  The contractor intends to remediate the soil in one pass.  The Client would like to be advised as to the best (cheapest) way of reusing the treated soil.  Based the results of on a few bore holes done some time ago, we had recommended using a pile foundation, but as usual the Client
is looking at ways to cut cost.


1.  Is any one familiar with this remediation technique?

2.  How can I reuse the remediated material fill and have it densified  to the required compaction during the remediation process?

3.  The soil will be heated to at least 700 degrees celsius during remediation.  How would this affect its physical properties?

4.  The contractor has suggested to client that he could improve the soil's bearing capacity by adding cement.  This is widely used in road construction but I have never used in in building construction.  Would this be feasible?  How can this be done?

Thanks.  I hope some one out there can help.