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New and Improved Structuralist.Net

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No more two line links to repair, no more logging on to the and not finding the discussions that you want or
information that you need. I have been working hard on the web site and
discussion forums to be useful and productive for the AEC community.

If you're willing to give us a chance, take another look. The only address
you need is and you should be able to access
everything from here or from the links on the Professional page.

Some things you might look at - since we are still growing - is the Public
site where a great deal has been added. There is a discussion of
conventional framing that most might find interesting. I urge you to take a
look at the Alternative Housing page which is accessed from the Public page.
There is a number of launch menus which makes scrolling a thing of the past
and quickly delivers useful information on Dome Homes, Strawbale housing,
Earthship (rammed earth homes), Adobe and much more. These launch menus's
will be important to the Professional forum references.

Please don't miss the  "Well Connected House" - a special presentation for
the public site which was created by Simpson Strong-tie. This is a great
online multimedia presentation.

You can now find Quick Links on each page which take you to specific topics
on the discussion forums - no more searching for the topics or forums that
you need.

There is a comprehensive Software Users forum with approximately 20
different software's - many of which are supported by the developers who are
now recommending the site. If you are a Mathcad user (still under
construction) or a spreadsheet user our discussion forums will help you
improve your productivity and may even teach you a thing or three.

BillQuick users will now find peer-to-peer help on their software forum, as
will Keylat, StruCalc, STAADT, Autocad and many other popular software
users. If you don't see an answer to a questions - simply post the question.

Interested in Outsourcing, the Two-tiered licensing issues or simply need
advice about a plan check correction - there is a forum to help. We recently
added the Plan Review forum to help engineers who disagree or need help
understanding the issues raised in plan review. You are welcome to use this
forum to post your question or help others who may need your support.

Least I say that what you will find represents only a small percentage of
what we hope to add in the coming months. However, progress is being made
and I think you will begin to find the services stimulating and
informative - maybe even helpful)

Visit us at and then send me some constructive
criticism or a few kudos!

Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator for:
AEC-Residential Listservice
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax
ICQ # 95561393