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RE: A structural engineering journal

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-Bill Polhemus [mailto:bpolhem(--nospam--at)] wrote
> sscholl2(--nospam--at) wrote:
> I suggest that if the  editors of the ASCE Structural Journal wish to
> make the publication useful to practicing engineers that they reserve
> half of it for articles of interest and for practicing engineers to
> submit to.

I like this idea.  Might make me want to join ASCE.  I've belonged off and
on, still have not found very much practical use in their journals.  Now, I
join when the savings on the books exceeds the cost of membership.

>That is not going to be of interest to ASCE. The purpose for the Structural
>Engineering Journal is NOT to present practical information for the design
>engineer, but to present esoteric and highly-specialized research done by
>whose life revolves around doing nothing but research.

Now for the engineering question.... why?  Why can't it have useful articles
and why can't we push ASCE to require that most of the articles have
practical information.  After all, isn't engineering defined as the
APPLICATION of scientific and mathematical principles in real life.

>Sometimes the underlying principles are of practical use, but you will
>never derive practical information from the publications themselves. They
>show up eventually (if they are deemed important enough) in the design
codes at
>some future time.

But if practicing engineers don't read it, by what process does it make it
into the code?