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Re: FEMA 350 - Bolted Unstiffened End Plate Connection Design

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The following responses were provided to Bill Allen's email of 11/21, re BUEP

   The p-sub-t dimension is the distance from the top surface of the top beam
   flange to the center of the line of bolts beneath the beam flange.
   Mathematically it is p-sub-t=p-sub-f+t-sub-bf.
   The Fv term should be in LRFD format, but with the resistance factor phi
   taken as 1.0.  Thus for A325 bolts, the value is 48 ksi.
   The "c" dimension is equal to the center to center spacing between rows of
   bolts above and beneath the beam flanges.  Mathematically is is c=2p-sub-f

I am currently compiling a series of errata for FEMA 350. If anyone has
discovered other problems of this type, please post them to the list, so I can
respond and also add them to the errata.