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RE: Flow drilling or Blind Bolting with HSS

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I have recently done a comparison between the Hollo-Bolt and an A325 bolt
for someone else in the USA. You have to bear in mind that the O/D of the
sleeve of the HB has to be compared with a bolt of similar diameter. The
comparison is between it and the closest A325 bolt diameter. That is why the
comparsion links an M10 Hollo-Bolt with a 5/8" bolt etc. I hope you find the
information useful.
I cannot understand why you have not been contacted by Lindapter in Ann
Arbor. I will get Ed Stollenwerk to e-mail you and arrange for a catalogue
to be sent.


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> Subject:	RE: Flow drilling or Blind Bolting with HSS
> Mick
> From your reply I would assume lindapter is interested in selling the
> Hollo-Bolt in the US construction market.  This is good new.  I sent an
> e-mail request for information to lindapter several weeks ago and have
> recieved no response so I was not clear if the firm was interested.  If
> lindapter wants me to specify their products they need to respond to my
> basic requests for information.
> It would be of interest to know how this product fits into US  codes. How
> does it compare to a machine bolt (A307) or a high strength bolt (A325)?  
> What is the allowable stress?
> Mark Gilligan
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> I have no specific experience of using Flowdrill but Corus (formerly
> British
> Steel) state in their publication TD384, which covers both Flowdrill &
> Hollo-Bolt, that it is recommended for HSS from 3mm (1/8") up to a maximum
> of 12mm (½") wall thickness in thread sizes M12 (½"), M16 (5/8"), M20 (¾")
> &
> M24 (1").
> On the other hand Hollo-Bolt is available in sizes M8, M10, M12, M16 &
> M20.
> It is available in 3 lengths per diameter which gives it a wide range of
> clamping thickness. Projects which the Holl-Bolt has been used on in North
> America are listed below. Further details can be had from Lindapter NA on
> (888) 724 2323 or
> Project: Regional Performing Arts Center - Philadelphia, PA
> Specifier: Dewhurst Macfarlane & Partners Inc - NY, NY
> Contractor: Helmark Steel - Wilmington, DE
> 25,000 x M10 purchased for tube splice connection.
> Project: Central Soya - New Building constructed from structural tube
> Specifier: Ganotta & Herner - Monroville, OH
> Contractor: Thomas Steel, Inc - Bellevue, OH
> 770 x M20.
> Project: Mono-pole communication towers
> Specifier: Engineered Endeavors - Mentor, OH
> Contractor: Engineered Endeavors - Mentor, OH
> 288 x M16
> Project: Kentucky Speedway Circuit
> Specifier: Dant-Clayton, LLC
> Contractor: Dant-Guenthner, LLC - Louisville, KY
> 260 x M20
> Project: Connection of horizontal and vertical lifeline systems to
> structural tube.
> Specifier: Fall Arrest Systems - Ann Arbor, MI
> Contractor: Fall Arrest Systems - Ann Arbor, MI
> M16 used continually since product introduction to US Market.
> Project: Hibernia Off-Shore Platform
> Specifier: Hibernia Management & Development Co
> Contractor: Hibernia Management & Development Co
> 150 x M10 in Stainless Steel.
> Regards
> Mick
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