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RE: Out of Plumb Residence need help on fix.

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Portland cement-based compaction grouting improves soils by densification
of both
native and artificial fill deposits vulnerable to damaging future
consolidation.   A thick
mortar-like soil-cement grout is pressure injected into these soils at
vertical points or
stages to densify and thereby mitigate the soil consolidation potential.

See: Compaction Grouting Practices in Southern California by Eagen, Clark,
Tims and
Nonamaker dated September 1992.

It is not a guarantee,  but it helps to stabilize expansive soils.
Approximate cost for
a residence = $ 10,000.00

Hope this helps.

Desi J. Kiss, P.E.

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Thanks mark for the advice.

Unfortunately, the house is a very nice and would be very difficult to let
go.  Moving in the Silicon Valley area would be definitely a very expensive
solution.  Definitely, after we come up with a solution and price for the
solution, we will have to see if selling and moving would be a better way

Thanks again, your comments are always appreciated.

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You asked:

"Does anyone else know of an inexpensive solution to this problem."

Having lived through a major remodeling such as what would result from
leveling the house my advice is to move.

Mark Gilligan