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Re: Out of Plumb Residence need help on fix.

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you should consider jacking up the existing house, but most importantly,
need to mitigate the soil stability of the site.  One word of caution, is
when jacking is considered, the owner should be aware that other cracking
could occur in finish materials such as stucco or drywall.  The jacks
layout should be based on engineering evaluation of the loads and should
not consider heavy duty jacks as they tend to lift the structure fast and
likely to cause more damage than anticipated.  Hope this helps.  
Samir Y. Ghosn, P.E.
Harris & Assocites
11 AM 11/22/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>I currently live in a house that is out of plumb, doors are sticking and
>some sliding glass doors do not function any more.
>I think I have figured out what have caused this.  There is a driveway drain
>that runs under the house out to the street.  I suspect the drain has broken
>under the foundation and the soil is now expanding when it gets wet.  This,
>I suspect, has caused the house to bow in the middle of the house.  This bow
>is lightly noticeable in the floor, but the doors and windows are sticking.
>The owner has decided that he will re-rout the broken drain, but he also
>wants to find a way to fix the bowing of the house.
>I believe that the only way to fix the house is to re-frame all the windows
>and doors that are sticking and no long square.  But that does not fix the
>floor from bowing.  Re-framing the floor can be very costly but may be the
>only solution.  The other solution may be to leave the floor framing the way
>it is, build up above the framing to level the floor and re-apply the
>Does anyone else know of an inexpensive solution to this problem.
>Thanks in advance.
>Marlou B. Rodriguez
>Biggs Cardossa Associates Inc.
>Structural Engineers
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>San Jose, California 95126
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