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Re: Wood Shear Wall Allowable Values

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well, with all of this, did the contractor use the common nails or the box
nails?. There may be an instant 20 % reduction if the contractor used the
sinker nails vs the common nails. The way I see it is as follows: a) you
already know you have a condition that does not meet the code.  B) If there
were any sort of litigation, it  would end up in your lap since you are
aware of it and know it does not meet the minimum code requirments.  I
suggest you should have the contractor start over to meet your
specifications and conform to minimun standards of care  for construction.
You would be hard pressed to justify at court that the wall is adequate
even if you can justify reduced allowable loads if the construction is in
violation of standards of care.
Samir Y. Ghosn, P.E.
Harris &Assoociates
At 12:26 PM 11/22/2000 -0700, you wrote:
>   I recently visited a job site where the contractor  had overdriven a
>large  portion of the   In most cases, they penetrated   Many of the nails
>that were not overdriven were bent over, and  pounded flat.   I am curious
>what kind of reduction this would have  on the allowable    Does anybody
>know of any  testing that has been done?   Also, I had specified sheathing
>on both sides of  the wall, with 8d nails     I   The  contractor installed
>the nails at     According to UBC requirements,   3x nominal framing at the
> panel joints with that  kind of      What would you guys  recommend?  
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