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Re: Wood Shear Wall Allowable Values

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It is indeed more difficult to achieve "good" shear wall construction here
in Utah, but mostly through non familiarity by contractors. I work in both
CA and UT and find that while getting a contractor to tear off in-place
sheathing is a decidedly confrontational task, I agree with Jake about the
need to set the bar at some level if you expect to get what you've designed

All that said, it has also been my experience that shear wall lengths are
usually more generous here in Utah and hence there is a greater amount of
latitude for acceptance. You might look for a solution with which you are
comfortable. One sided, 3" edge nailed plywood may be appropriate. I'd be
cautious however of removing bent over nails and would not consider it at
all for over-driven ones. As mentioned in another post, the APA info on
overdriven nails may be of help.

Barry H. Welliver
Draper, UT

Jake Watson wrote:

> As someone else that works in Utah, I would like to see you press this.
> Whenever I press matters like this I always get the "Are you for real?"
> look from the contractor.  A more consistent approach from the engineers
> here in town would raise the bar of we expect from contractors.  One
> realistic idea that I have used:  have him add one nail for every
> overdriven one if the wood will tolerate it without splitting.
> Best of Luck
> Jake Watson, E.I.T.
> Salt Lake City, UT