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Re: Out of Plumb Residence need help on fix.

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I have been involved in several houses with expansive soils under them.   I 
agree the previous recommendations that you first correct the water problem 
and then allow some length of time for the soil to dry out some.

If the soil is expansive, it should shrink back down some amount.  I would 
not initiate many (if any) repairs till I at least gave this a chance.  I 
have seen numerous times that the house "re-aligned" itself to some degree 
when the moisture changed back the other direction.  It most likely will not 
correct itself to 100% of its original position.

I also beleive the following items would be beneficial:

1.  Begin documenting the current cracks, even places etc with both 
measurements, pictures, date, and general weather/soil conditions.  I would 
not rely on my memory.  This information will give you some idea of the rate 
that the house is re-aligning itself (if any)

2.  Correct any drainage issues where water is allowed to pond within 10 feet 
of the house.

3.  Be prepared to water the soil during extremenly dry times.

The area I am in just came of an extreme drought.  Many of the houses we 
looked at during the drought have not begun to realign some amount.  Doors 
that would not shut are now shutting.

There are foundation remedies, but they are costly and are not 100% 
fool-proof.  Crawl space houses are typically easier to correct than slab 
houses.  Non-masonry houses are generally less noticeable than houses with 
masonry walls (brick, block).

Hope this helps
Ron Martin
Tuscaloosa, AL