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Re: QUERY: Bond Beam Spacing Requirements

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Without looking at my reference, I seem to recall 48" maximum spacing
between horizontal grouted/reinforced cells.

There also are the minimum percentage requirements which apply to each
direction (vert & horiz) independently and a minimum percentage requirement
for vert + horiz reinforcing as well which will actually control the spacing
for most situations.

Larry Oeth
Portland, OR
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Subject: QUERY: Bond Beam Spacing Requirements

> Another in a series of "I should know this but..." questions.
> I could have sworn there were requirements (in UBC at least) for minimum
> of bond beams in a reinforced CMU wall, but I cannot find ANYTHING that
> mentions this in the 1997 UBC, nor in Amrhein's "Reinforced Masonry
> Handbook". Am I just dreaming this?
> Or is it a rule of thumb I'm remembering from those thrilling days of
> yesteryear.