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Re: Beam Analysis

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Dear Tom,

This is in reply to your query about a subroutine for beam analysis where there are member loads, i.e., concentrated load, partial uniform load, trapezoidal loads, triangular loads ...

There is a book I have read in the past (more than ten years ago ...)
and as far as I can remember it will do the things as per your requirements. You might as well modify the subroutine to suit your needs. It is written in basic language. For the Shear and Moment Forces, as well as the deflection subroutines, the computation involves a numerical integration method. Just search for the book by Mosley & Spencer ... and another book by Mosley & Bungey. I just forget the exact title of the book as of this moment.

I do hope this will lead you to your search.

Best regards.


From: "Tom VanDorpe" <tvandorpe(--nospam--at)>
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Subject: Beam Analysis
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 18:04:16 -0800

I need to create a general wood beam design spread sheet (using VB or excel)
for in house use. The user would input loads, (uniform, point and/or
trapizoidal).  I would like to know what is the typical approach to solve
beam stresses, Shear and Bending, and beam deflections. Is there a
shareware or a subroutine available in the market?

Any tips would be appreciated, Thanks.

Tom VanDorpe
VanDorpe Chou Associates, Inc.
(714) 978-9780

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