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Re: Wood Shear Wall Allowable Values

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Adding additional nails doesn't solve the problem.  Remember that in
seismic zones we are dealing with a dynamic cyclical problem.  As I 
understand it, 3x framing is required because the framing tends to split
under a dynamic load when nails are spaced close together.  We want
the failure to occur in the nails, not in the wood.  Even though the wood
may not split when adding the additional nailing, it will probably split 
under a dynamic load.

I agree that we need to raise the bar.  Unfortunately, this needs to
happen all around.  Engineers, inspectors, and contractors.

Dan Goodrich, P.E.

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> As someone else that works in Utah, I would like to see you press this. 
> Whenever I press matters like this I always get the "Are you for real?"
> look from the contractor.  A more consistent approach from the engineers
> here in town would raise the bar of we expect from contractors.  One
> realistic idea that I have used:  have him add one nail for every
> overdriven one if the wood will tolerate it without splitting.
> Best of Luck
> Jake Watson, E.I.T.
> Salt Lake City, UT