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RE: FEMA 350 - Bolted Unstiffened End Plate Connection Design

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How about Page 3-65 of FEMA 350, top of page, Step 1: Calculate M sub f and
M sub c according to the procedures in Section 3.2.7 - I can't find such
procedures there.
Also, step 2: Calculate the moment.....etc. in accordance with the
procedures of Section 3.2.8 - Where's 3.2.8?

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> Sent:	Wednesday, November 22, 2000 7:11 AM
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> Subject:	Re: FEMA 350 - Bolted Unstiffened End Plate Connection
> Design
> The following responses were provided to Bill Allen's email of 11/21, re
> connections-
>    The p-sub-t dimension is the distance from the top surface of the top
> beam
>    flange to the center of the line of bolts beneath the beam flange.
>    Mathematically it is p-sub-t=p-sub-f+t-sub-bf.
>    The Fv term should be in LRFD format, but with the resistance factor
> phi
>    taken as 1.0.  Thus for A325 bolts, the value is 48 ksi.
>    The "c" dimension is equal to the center to center spacing between rows
> of
>    bolts above and beneath the beam flanges.  Mathematically is is
> c=2p-sub-f
>    _t-sub-bf.
> I am currently compiling a series of errata for FEMA 350. If anyone has
> discovered other problems of this type, please post them to the list, so I
> can
> respond and also add them to the errata.