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Re: need help with slab

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All borders are wall supported.  The slab is 4 in. thick.  The load is 1.4
t/m^2 (287 lb/ft^2).  My boss wants to analyze it as a flat slab without
beams, and then from the moments in the slab obtain the moments in the
beams, meaning that if the max moments in the slab without beams are
68kip*ft/ft, the max moment that corresponds to the beam is
68*67/12=380kip*ft (67/12 is the spacing between beams).  The max moments I
got were 567 kip*ft   Yes, I used SAFE to this.

thanks again
Tomas Matta

Michael Bryson writes:

> Where are your wall supports? How thick is your slab? What is your
> total factored uniform load? I don't understand what your boss' method is.
> You say you analyze it as a flat slab without beams. Did you use SAFE to
> do this?