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Delaminating glulam valley beam

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I have received a report of a valley beam delaminating at the 
second lamination from the bottom. The beam is a 5 /18" x 12" 
(24F-V4) and from my calcs is structurally adequate. The other 
valley beam is fine.

I am trying to determine the cause of delamination. I have doubts 
about it being poor manufacture.  I am still obtaining information 
regarding storage prior to construction, if the beam was left 
exposed to the elements for any length of time etc.

The building was constructed during the fall of last year and 
complete this spring. The building is located in NY. I am relying on 
2nd hand information in getting the facts i.e. I have not seen the 
problem personally).

Any comments appreciated. I have some jpeg files showing the 
problem if anyone is interested which I will post directly(the seaint 
listserver will not accept a email if it is to large)