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Re: Steel Section Properties

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The yield stress is probably 33 ksi.  (A7 steel)

I am at home now as I don't have my references at hand, but I didn't see any 
of the sections in the 1948 (?) AISC manual.  I had to go to the AISC Iron 
and Steel Beams book to find the three 27WF91 sections that are listed.  I 
will check again tomorrow if someone else doesn't post the information in the 

While steel producing was quite consistent in the late '40's, it was just 
after the war when there was great pressure to produce and quality control 
might not have been as good as it could have been.  I would suggest using 
working stress design with the allowable stresses that were then permitted.

A7 steel was the predominate structural steel from at least 1948 to 1960, 
however, carbon content was not limited in A7 steel.  After 1960 to the 
present, it is A36 (36 ksi yield).  (Will check my references tomorrow.)

Hope this helps somewhat.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Frank Tehrani wrote:

Thanks for your good points! The plans were drawn in
1947. Structural sections show that beams are real
composite sections, but there is no detail to show
dimensions. Taking concrete out is the easiest way to
measure the steel section dimensions, however there
are a lot of composite beams there and there is
nothing that shows how many beam types do we have.
Besides how can we check the yield stress?
Thanks again,