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Re: Posting digital pictures for peer help with structural

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My original intentions was to be able to integrate as many of the Internet
tools so that the community need not be limited to plain text posts. You can
post any format that can be viewed with a plug-in that will work with common
browsers. Looking at the statistics from my discussion forum, over 75% of
the users are using Internet Explorer and about 23% are split between IE4,
Netscape and AOL. The remaining 2% are a full mix of browsers from Opera to
older versions of IE, Netscape and AOL. Therefore, you need only concern
yourself with posting a graphic format that the user can read after
downloading a plug-in. This includes AutoCad drawings in DWF format, PDF
files, doc files and many others. If you have a question as to what can be
viewed, write me and I'll check into it.

No one discussion or web format is sufficient in itself. As I wrote some
time ago, bulletin boards are great for posting graphics and leaving
information for future reference - certainly more convenient than searching
archives of listservices. Also the messages are formatted very similar to
HTML with just a short learning session (which I provide information on).

A listservice is not good for posting graphics, but can retrieve needed
opinions and information in a very short time - in fact, in real time. This
is ideal for professionals who suddenly have a question and can't wait 24
hours for an answer.

For those who don't mind the interruption and who are willing to be
available for advice, ICQ or other Instant Messaging systems provides a link
to professionals for private conversations.

The web page is being used more and more as an Index to coordinate the
information on discussion forums and listservices. It is a great tool for
posting Op-Ed (opinion-editorial) documents, links, and more, but the longer
the page the more cumbersome the use of a Webpage becomes. However, it is a
great tool to integrate and tie all the other services together.

Another example is Internet Telephony which now offers web owner the ability
to place a link on their website and allow visitors to call them from
anywhere in the world free of charge. The visitor needs only a sound card,
their Internet service and an inexpensive headset/microphone. I have a link
on my resume sheet which is accessed from The Structuralist.Net at the top
of the page. At the left side of the web page the user can either email or
call me. The connection is made to my office phone and the user can leave a
message on my voice mail if I am not available. I tried it out and the
message was crystal clear. The service is a free service of Net2Phone
( which is one of the first to provide a free
net2fax service (you only pay for international calls - long distance fax
within the US is free).

There are great tools available, albeit some are still in development
stages, but most are useful as long as the administrator of the services
understands the benefits and weaknesses of each of the tools (bulletin
boards, Lists, Websites etc.).

You are welcome to use the services that the Structuralist.Net offices to
post pictures or examples that are needed in the course of professional
discussions - this is why I created it.

On a side note, within 24 hours of posting the PDF files of Gary Searer's
proposals to the Seismology Committee there were more than 50 visitors who
read the documents. I think this kind of response fully justifies the
services and proves that they serve a valuable need within our professional

Dennis S. Wish, PE
The Structuralist Administrator for:
AEC-Residential Listservice
(208) 361-5447 E-Fax
ICQ # 95561393

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From: Sam Chang <szchang(--nospam--at)>
Subject: Re: Posting digital pictures for peer help with structural

Confucius said:

         "One picture worth a thousand words!"

Dose it apply here?

Many times I wish we can have a common place to post our .wmf or .dwf file
to express the condition.  Any thought on that?