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Steel Section Properties

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My AISC Manual, 5th Edition, Copyright 1947, Twentieth Printing 1956, says in 
the preface,

"In Part I. the tables of available rolled shapes have of necessity been 
radically revised, to conform to the lists agreed upon by industry since the 
close of the war and contained in 'Simplified Practice Recommendation 
R-216-46' of the United States Department of Commerce, National Bureau of 
Standards, issued February, 1946."

I would therefore venture a guess that the designer was using an older AISC 
(or other) manual (as some of us are wont to do when a new manual comes out), 
so I would presume that the following sections were provided in lieu of the 
specified sections:

10WF39 for 10WF37
12WF27 for 12WF25
27WF94 for 27WF91

Allowable Tension Stress in bending:  20,000 psi

Allowable Compression Stress in bending:

   ld/bt <= 600      20,000 psi
   ld/bt >  600      12,000,000/(ld/bt)

   l is the unsupported length of the compression flange,
   d is the depth of the member
   b is the flange width
   t is the thickness of the compression flange

>From 1939 - ~1960, the structural steel for bridges and buildings was A7, 
with a specified minimum yield strength of 33,000 psi.

Hope this helps.

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Frank Tehrani wrote:

>>Hi everybody,
1- I have call out for three steel sections in an old
structural plan which I couldn't find in my
i- 10WF37
ii- 12WF25
iii- 27WF91
I appreciate if somebody would help me please to get
properties of these sections.
2- On the same set of plans, some steel sections for
composite beams are not specified (actually that part
of plans is missed). Is there any non-destructive &
non-expensive procedure to figure out steel dimensions
inside the concrete?
3- What about Fy? How can we validate yield stress of
those sections?
Thanks in advance,