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Arizona Masonry

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It would probably be where your job is.  If it is in the Yuma area, which is 
Seismic Zone 3 and 4, it would probably mirror what is done in California.  
Elsewhere, partial grouting would be the common method, although on one small 
job that I recently had, the mason elected to go with solid, high lift 
grouting.  I think that he became a convert in not having to stop work every 
4-feet to get a jurisdiction inspection and not having to splice rebar every 

(I have been told that with adobe, both mud and burnt, Pima County requires 
holes be drilled in the adobe and rebar inserted.  Don't know how they bond 
the two together, nor what size holes Pima County requires, nor if the rebar 
would make any difference in the strength of the adobe.)

Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Paul Feather wrote:

>>Hello all

Thank you to everyone who responded regarding the specialty precast.

For those familiar with masonry construction in Arizona, what is the local
construction community used to seeing; full or partial grouting?

In zone 4 country virtually all masonry construction is fully grouted.