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Fw: Free Engineering Computer Programs

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Following Civil Engineering Programs You can download for Free. Dimensionally sized at Minimum since FREE!
1. Continous Beam 2. Steel Columns 3. Structural Steel Beam Design 4. Plot Functions a. Expressions or b,Discreet
5. Polynomial up to 6-th Degree 6. Spline Approximations 7. Determinate Truss Analysis 8. Eigen Value Problem up to 3x3 Matrix
Website then link to Newsletter to inform about programs and how to download.
All of the programs are available in .zip file format. For example first program incorporated into
You type and unzip to directory \beam then type beam  from \beam in MS-DOS
to execute a heading sample. This will demonstrate to you the perfection of the program.Then 30 span max. is commercially available.
E.Mail bd426(--nospam--at) to inquire.
As a reward please fill out the quality appraisal form @