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RE: Rush work charges (not a structural issue)

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If it were me and I wasn't desperate for work, I would decline politely on
the basis of being too busy and let him reap the rewards of his own bad
judgement. The lesson he will learn is that it doesn't pay to plan poorly.
If you bail him out, he will learn that it does pay to plan poorly, and you
will make his problem your problem. If you do take the job, the golden rule
on fees is "whatever the traffic will bear." I think you got jerked around a
bit, and would have no qualms about charging double just for the

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From: Fariborz Tehrani [mailto:fmtehrani(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Monday, December 04, 2000 11:05 AM
To: seaint
Subject: Rush work charges (not a structural issue)

Hi everybody,
I have a question regarding contracts and prices.
Sorry that it's not a structural relevent issue.

My main question is how much extra should we charge,
if client asks for a rush work? 

This question is based on a long story that I had and
you might be interested to know and comment about that
too. Otherwise please ignore the rest.

A couple months ago, one cotractor asked me to put
proposal for designing of a small commercial office
and I did. Some days after that, he told me that he
had hired a person to take care about the design
inside the company. But last week he called me and
told me that his body needs consulting on that job. I
offered him consulting on hourly basis and also I
realized his body is in entry level and is doing his
first job! Anyway as I would expected he called me
again and told me that his body is not able fo finish
the job and they need me to do that immediately in
less than one week! Now if you were me, would you
accept the job? And if you would, how much would you

Thanks in advance,

Fariborz Tehrani,                      Phone: (310)509-8826
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